About US

Tower of Hanoi provides Lync software and outsourcing services, primarily in mobile phone and communications software. With a team of young and dynamic engineers trained in the U.S. and Vietnam, we deliver the highest quality products and services to our clients.

Engineers in our offices in California and Vietnam.

Deep experience in Lync, file sharing (Dropbox, Azure, etc.), Android, iPhone. We work with specifications in Japanese, English and Spanish.


Chat, VoIP, Video, File transfer, Screen sharing all on Linux platform


We support the following features in iPhone - VoIP, video, chat (Wync on App Store)


We support the following features in android - VoIP, chat (Wync on Google Play)

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage system (like Dropbox). Cross-platform code is easy to maintain. All with us


We developed Lync clients on


  • Text Chat, Voice Chat
  • VOIP, Video Chat
  • Screen Sharing and File Transfer


  • Text Chat, Voice Chat
  • VOIP


  • Text Chat, Voice Chat
  • VOIP & Video Chat

Used at

HP, Dell, Ericsson, Vodafone, P&G, Accenture, Deloitte, Atos, NHS ...

Contract software.
We have great engineers.

Tower of HaNoi, Ha Noi, Viet Nam