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Software design and development: Mobile phones, encryption, cable set top boxes, embedded.

Consulting and outsourcing service of embedded systems development with many different microcontrollers: ARM7, ARM9, C166, PIC, AVR...with or without OS.

We have broad experience in a variety of peripheral device development: Ethernet, USB, SD cards...and industrial communication protocols: CAN, Mobdus, Profibus

Software localization - All languages by native speakers

A complete development package :
1. Preliminary Consulting

Requirement Analysis

Price Analysis

Feasibility Study

2. Hardware

Study of Your Project

Hardware Design by Our Team
3. Firmware & Software

Study of Your Project

Firmware & Software Development by Our Embedded Engineers
4. Production & Assistance for Integration

Prototype or Small Quantity Fabrication

System Integration
We also offer particular services within your R&D process:
1. Multilayer PCB Layout design
2. Firmware & Software development on demand
3. Product Testing & Validation